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Comments on the 'De Mont' experience 2013-2016

Exhilarated! Exhausted!! 

That was amazing - I'm still buzzing!

Thank you for getting us to sing like that ... truly AMAZING!

I'm sure that you look forward to your well-earned rest. We, on the other hand, will wait impatiently for September so that we can begin again.

Thank you for your great vision. It was simply wonderful and certainly gave me the 'feel good factor'.

We still can't believe we did it. I've been on a high for days. It was a magical experience and one I will always treasure. Such a privilege.

A really great wall of sound. A great concert for a great concern.

How did I manage without this dimension? It's such a wonderful experience when we're all together.

It's good to have a good sing! If it sounded as good as it felt, then it was quite an achievement!

My husband and daughter were in the audience and were completely 'blown away' by the evening. In fact, my husband was quite emotional; he loved the Rutter and, most especially, Over the Rainbow and was still humming Get Happy at midnight last night!

There were seven of us in the kitchen and I told them all about it. Suddenly we burst into song wishing you well! Can't remember the words but harmonies echoed around the room and several other faces appeared to find out what it was all about. After a brief explanation, SfF got three cheers for raising so much money for charity - and for keeping me happy! 

I just loved the whistles and standing ovations! You are without the most magical MD that I have ever worked with. 

Coming to singing is a little oasis for me - it is my escape route - where I can be me. I find it hard to put into words how much singing with such a lovely group of people means to me. I can't imagine NOT singing now!

My daughters reported that they were 'in floods' after Over the Rainbow and You raise me up and genuinely found it a moving experience.

We sang Claire's signature 'he wrote forty-one' with gusto, as she was recuperating in her garden, wishing she was with us.

Once again you musical talent tamed the masses to produce a magical afternoon of song and fund-raising.

How exhilarating and wonderfully life-affirming! What complete and utter joy you have brought into our lives.

I was there last year, I was there this year and I will be there next year. It is a privilege and pleasure to share your stage.

Singing has become such an important part of my life. From the very first session in Syston, I knew that it was something I was going to enjoy, but four years later it has given me so much more than I could have imagined. Thank you! 

You are just wonderful at getting the best out of your singers. How you manage to play the keyboard, conduct us with your head/eyes/hair/etc (!) and bring us in with whatever part of your body you are not currently using (!), mouth all the words, make appropriate announcements to the audience and keep smiling throughout, I shall never know.

Your plan to make everyone learn the words really paid off!

My parents (84 and nearly 89) were visiting from Wales and thought the concert were wonderful. My Mum said she couldn't remember enjoying a trip to the theatre so much. My daughters sang every word of All that Jazz with us and really enjoyed themselves. So there was something for everyone!

Your comments on looking up are not just about us having learnt (almost) the words. Perhaps the real truth is that your face and its performance in leading us are the most memorable joys of the evening.

As a young boy, I dreamed of playing football at Wembley ... and cricket at Lords for England against Australia - what was much more improbable was the thought of singing in a great church in France or in front of 2000 people at a concert in Leicester. I feel fully compensated. One common feature is being part of a great team. In my opinion there is nothing better in whatever form it takes.