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Cardiff May 2013

Performing on a windy day in Cardiff Bay ...

.. and at the National Botanic Garden of Wales, where Gill and Claire demonstrated their (new-found) duck-herding skills!

Castell Coch was a fairytale setting for another performance.

SfF brings me so much happiness - I am so grateful for the joy that you bring.

My first tour of many, I hope! It has all gone so smoothly. I expected no less with Anne at the helm. An amazing experience.

Bruges December 2016

Singing at the Menin Gate during the Last Post service is a memory that will linger for ever ...

That Gluehwein is rather good ..!

So is the local honey. How many varieties are there?

Singing and having fun at Ypres Christmas Market! 

Umbria June 2013

What was the highlight? All I can say is that it was one big highlight! Absolutely marvellous! Brilliant from start to finish! One big family! Singing in Assisi is a memory gem. Your Italy trips have been the real highlight of the last few years.

David and Stella take a break!

From Tilton village hall to the Basilica in Assisi! 

Inspiring musical direction, interesting trips

Terrific teamwork

Appreciative audiences, amazing Assisi

Lots of laughter

You did it again - well done Anne!

Montepulciano proved a hit with singers and audience.

I couldn't have wished for a better trip. Fabulous concert venues and lovely people, including the priest in Montepulciano! Can't wait for next year.

Life is so hard ...

My first SfF trip abroad - fabulous! So many memories to look back on. Brilliantly organised with a superb driver, a 'smooth operator' in our courier and of course nothing would have been possible without Anne - superwoman!

A great opportunity to make new friends! Can't wait for next year!

Paris June 2012

Daphne and Glenys sang Vivaldi's Laudamus Te on tour - they were brilliant!

Yes, it's the end of our concert in La Madeleine in Paris.

Thank you very much for this beautiful concert - God bless you all and come back soon (from Colette - a member of the Madeleine audience, who bought a card from the church shop at the end of the concert to catch us with her message of thanks before we left).

Monet's garden at Giverny

We share something rather special on these trips - something beyond words.

Joining the choir was a real tonic for me. A very big thank you for your care, kindness, patience and sense of humour, not just during the trip, but always!

Many thanks for an adventurous trip, my first foreign trip 'on my own'; but, of course, I wasn't on my own! The Madeleine was exhilarating and Giverny marvellous. Can dine out on this for weeks!

The Madeleine is a memory locked away to bring out and savour over and over again.

Waiting to sing in the square by Notre Dame.

A wonderfully unforgettable and enjoyable experience!

A huge thank you for the most marvellous five days in Paris. You have changed my life with the singing group.

Lake Garda, Venice and Verona July 2012

The complaint section: 1. Trip too short 2. Put on too much weight. 3. Too many great people – not enough time 4. Not enough singing. 5. Concern that this will need to be an ANNUAL EVENT !

The compliment section: 1. Both drivers were FANTASTIC! 2. Coach comfort defines a new standard 3. The venues chosen were awe-inspiringly beautiful 4. There was great adaptability / planning to suit weather, group conversations etc ! 5. The hotel was good – food plentiful and varied.

Singing in S. Marco in particular will be a long-lasting memory. For us singers it is wonderful that through your love of Music, and Italy, you are able to provide us with such wonderful experiences.

Time to sit and people-watch!

Having to arrange our own transport and to arrive at a certain time helped to remind us of the great deal of time and effort that you spend in order that these experiences can come to fruition. What can I say? Such a wonderful trip!

Everything was perfect – the bus!, the bus drivers!, the journey, the hotel, the weather, food, drink and of course Italy and the amazing venues we had. I was absolutely enthralled by all of the places that you took us to – there are not the words to describe it all! I am so not wanting to be back but want to be the first to be signed up for any future trips if you can bring yourself to take us all again – I am really aware of all the hard work that goes into organising everything and cannot say how much it is appreciated.

The backdrop to our concert in Sirmione. Stunning view. Friendly mosquitoes!

My favourite had to be the third concert at Levico Terme, but I enjoyed them all and never thought I could ever have the opportunity to sing in such inspirational settings with such enthusiastic friends.

Everything came up trumps this year with the programme, bus, bus drivers (of course), hotel (great food and perfect for groups). I look forward to SfF in September and after last week feel that I am now capable of learning my words, even Gendarmes which I NEARLY cracked. Thank you, thank you, thank you for a most wonderful trip – I loved every minute of it and can’t wait till the next one.

Tony, our miracle-working courier, thanks the audience for their wonderful welcome and enthusiastic response to our Sirmione concert.


1 ardent talented Musical Director

68 mixed nuts of varying quality

1 clean reliable coach with 2 good/humoured drivers

1 hotel with excellent food and pool

1 barrel of camaraderie

Hot sunshine,with occasional entertaining thunderstorms

1 unique and magical operatic spectacle

1 awe-inspiring Mass

2 open-hearted Concert audiences

Spectacular scenery

5 tons of Italian Essence



Mix all ingredients together over 8 days, before returning to original base. Allow to rest.


5* experience


Very more-ish......second helpings needed 2013.

Well, what can I say other than a big 'Thank you', Anne. I have had a truly lovely time in Italy. How lucky am I??!!!!

What a great experience! Going to the opera in Verona - Singing in St Marks - WOW!!! The lovely lovely concerts. What a great hotel!!! I thought the group this year were great. Many thanks for all of it.

I've been so busy talking about the trip that I nearly forgot to email you!! I have absolutely nothing to say, except an enormous thank you for all you have done for us. It is difficult to put into words the effect these trips have on everyone. The joint experience of everything, from singing, talking (lots!), to suffering (swollen ankles!) is amazing and leaves me with a buzz that has lasted from last year and will stay with me for ever, I daresay!

It was magical to sing in St. Mark's. I hope I'll be able to go on next year's Italian trip and many other trips to come. It was nice to hear that 'the two Steves' had said they would take your party again, so we can't have been that bad!

Couldn't let the week go by without saying a personal big thankyou for a wonderful trip to Italy. A year ago, I hadn't even heard of Singing for Fun, and now I have experienced not only opera at the Arena in Verona but have sung in St Mark's, Venice - how do I top that!! Seriously, all your efforts and hard work are so much appreciated and thank you for sharing your talents so generously.

In training for Rio ...

How can we thank you enough Anne for all these wonderful trips.The way people look out for one another is absolutely incredible, enjoying one another's company, young and old together - and the singing was a joy. What a privilege. Many many thanks - fantastico!!!!

Thank YOU, Anne, for a wonderful trip, again! Full of amazing experiences, great laughs and singing too!

Thank you so much for a wonderful holiday and a terrific experience. My children think it's hilarious and want photographic proof!

Your group certainly lives up to it's name of singing for Fun. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was a great trip, super hotel, lovely food, fab venues for singing, wonderful company and the Steves really were the icing on the cake - great guys, fun but really professional. Good to see Tony again too! 

As I'm writing this, I'm thinking that this time last week I was watching Aida in Verona ....... seems like a dream now, as reality creeps back in and the songs are not popping into my head constantly! What a magical experience; thank you so much for making it all possible for us and organising such a brilliant trip.

Tuscany & Umbria                                      June and July 2011

Out trip should have been called Singing (just love singing) and Walking (mainly uphill with the occasional shortcut) for Fun, but that doesn't take into account the great company, fantastic sights, scenery, excellent food, laughing, talking and drinking ... I had an amazing time.

We were really moved by the concerts for we never conceived, even in our wildest dreams, that we would be performing in such surroundings at our venerable age. We thought the company marvellous and found real soul mates.

Thank you, thank you for such a super duper trip, it was everything you promised and more, even for a reluctant walker like me

The stress of life in Passignano!

The friendship of the group was lovely, Italy is beautiful and the memories of the singing experience will stay with me for ever.

I have laughed so much this week, and made connections with some very special people - all through a shared love for music and singing.

A life-enhancing and glorious experience - and which will remain in my memory as a privilege to have been a part of.

Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. The thing that sticks in my mind was the standing ovation in Florence. A magical opportunity!

At the end of the day we just ‘went with the flow’ and had a marvellous time.

Thank you for arranging such a fantastic experience - it has been a privilege to be part of the group and to share everyone’s company.

Thank you for such a lovely experience of Italy. I'd never been before and I thought it was wonderful. You arranged the weather marvellously! I'll never forget the singing in those lovely venues and the towns we visited.