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Singers' comments

Singing for Fun should be on the NHS!

Singing For Fun has given me so many wonderful experiences. I feel so lucky to have become part of it. It brightens up my week, regardless of what else is happening.

I can still remember three and a half years ago when a friend said ‘do you fancy coming to a choir with me’ and I said ‘get lost’ (words might have been a bit stronger than that!). ‘I'm not singing’ I said. I thought she was mad! My friend said to give it a go and I've not looked back since. Made some great new friends and I am so pleased I came.

The thrill that I get from Singing for Fun evenings is immeasurable.

I can't tell you how much our SfF sessions mean to me - and I always enjoy the extra 'gigs' that we do.

We learn so much - and painlessly. Totally exhilarating! 

The buzz stays all week - I go home on a real high.

Singing for Fun is exactly what is says. I leave feeling that I have improved vocally - and had a really good time doing it! 

Thank you for warming up our Wednesday evenings with your love of music - so contagious.

I have been following Leicester Tigers since the age of 11 and this is the first final that I have ever missed - because I wanted to sing at Ratcliffe College!

Previously I have sung in a Choral Society, but this is so much more fun - exciting and uplifting.

I loved every single minute of our concerts and wouldn't have missed being part of them for the world.

This is the best class ever - long may it continue!

What a fab night. Haven't enjoyed myself so much since The Rocky Horror Show.

Does me an absolute power of good - I've even started to read music.

It was an absolutely thrilling moment when we all heard the sound of so many voices together ... really spine tingling! (on De Mont Hall concerts).

You have opened a door into a new world which is filling me with beautiful sounds and musical knowledge.

The joy and fun of singing in a group has been a late awakening for me - but better late than never!

Thank you so much for opening up a new world - I had no idea that I would enjoy singing as much as I do.

It's been a real confidence-raiser - definitely the highlight of my week.

Thank you for helping me to find my diaphragm!

It's fun and enjoyable with a dynamo for a tutor.

The rapport between the tutor and students was outstanding - light-hearted and informal, but also focused and challenging. (WEA Observer)