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Singing at the Eglise de la Madeleine, Paris (Summer 2012)


If you're looking for singing groups that don't take themselves too seriously and yet still reach really high standards, then Singing For Fun may well be for you. 

Who are we?

Singing For Fun is a network of light-hearted groups, based, as of January 2017, only in West Wales. Since starting in September 2008, Leicestershire membership grew from eighteen singers to well over four hundred. Pembrokeshire is well on the way to catching up. 

Letterston, June 2019

Our members range in age from twenty one to ninety ‘something’ and come from all walks of life. What we do have in common, however, is a love of singing and the enthusiasm to explore a much wider range of musical repertoire than is possible in many singing groups. And the emphasis is always on having fun - and in good company.

Are there auditions?

No, no, no! Everyone is welcome to join. If you think that you really are the worst singer in the world, don't worry! You're almost certainly not and, in any case, you'll get so much better simply by singing with others. 

Letterston, June 2019

Do you have to be experienced to join in? The answer is another emphatic no! While some of our members do have a high level of vocal expertise, many others have not sung since junior school, with the majority lying somewhere in the middle. So please don't worry if you are a bit rusty! Everyone is welcome and parts will be allocated appropriately, with harmony lines being provided for those wanting something more challenging. 

Do you have to be able to read music?

Again, no. Even though we do usually work from printed music, parts will always be taught aurally. Non-readers will, however, find that they quickly gain the confidence and necessary skills to follow a musical score.

What do we sing?

Singing For Fun aims to provide something for everyone by covering a variety of musical 'classics' in a range of styles, including opera, jazz, popular, classical, gospel, world, folk and stage and screen. 

Recent repertoire included I only have eyes for you (Harry Warren), Hafan Gobaith (recorded by Bryn Terfel), the haunting Maori Farewell, The Prayer (assign by Andrea Bocelli), Slaves' Chorus by Verdi, Happy by Pharrell Williams, as well as sacred music, gospel, world music and much more.

We sometimes sing in unison (everyone singing the same thing), but, more often, in harmony (several different parts happening at the same time), sometimes with accompaniment (keyboard and backing tracks) and sometimes a cappella (unaccompanied).

Singing For Fun hopes that you enjoying browsing through the rest of our website. Thank you for visiting - and happy singing!